CONDOR Registration Services has been providing professional registration solutions for conventions, tradeshows, meetings, and conferences for over twenty years.

It is our goal to provide the best possible registration services for your events. We do this by providing registration services that are based on your needs and are developed by our team of experienced registration specialists. CONDOR Registration Services will assist you through every step of the registration process, from registration form design, to pre-event planning and registration, to on-site registration, and all the way through post-event reporting. Working with you and utilizing our years of experience, we can provide the best registration services for your event.

We have developed a registration system that is flexible enough to meet your requirements, not force you to modify them to work with our system. With CONDOR providing the registration services for your event, you can focus on the many other aspects of the event, knowing that the registration operations are going to be run professionally. You will have more time to interact with you exhibitors and attendees and to make sure the event is going smoothly.

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CONDOR Registration Services can provide the following services:
  • Pre-event
    • Professionally designed Forms & Badges
    • Processing of Pre-Registrations
    • Communicate Effectively
    • Complete Accounting
  • On-Site
    • Registration Operations
    • Fast Courteous Registration
    • Great Looking, Highly Legible Name Badges
    • Lead Management Systems for Exhibitors
  • Post-Event
    • Comprehensive Reports
    • Database of All Attendee Data
    • Final Accounting of All Registrations
  • and More

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