On-Site Badge Production

Your event’s name badges are one of the most visible aspects of your event. CONDOR Registration Services uses attractive, easy to read name badges that will help make your event a success. Whether you choose color or black and white badges your attendees will receive the same high quality badges onsite that they would if they pre-registered. Sample Badges

Name badges are not a one-size-fits-all product. Our staff will not only design the name badge, but we will assist you in selecting the right name badge holder. Once on-site CONDOR will print the badges and then insert them into whatever holder you decided to use. The badge is then given to the attendee with a smile, and they are ready to enjoy your event. Inserting the badge into the holder and presenting it to the attendee may seem like a small thing, but your event truly begins at the registration desk. CONDOR believes that the attendees experience at the registration desk should be quick, easy, and most of all pleasant.

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On-Site Badges
CONDOR Registration Services

Our staff will make registering a pleasure and allow your attendees to register with a smile.