CONDOR Registration Services assigns an Event Coordinator to every Event. This person will be responsible for coordinating all activities for the event. The Event Coordinator will be completely familiar with the event’s requirements and the status of operations. The Event Coordinator will also provide a primary point of contact for your event’s personnel.

Our staff will work with you on the registration forms to be used for online registration as well as for submission by fax or mail. The format and design of the registration form or forms will be decided based on the event’s needs. CONDOR Registration Services can either create the forms from scratch or we can work with the form your designer has created. When it comes to online registrations we normally recommend the use of intelligent PDF forms, while we recommend dynamic HTML forms for events that require more flexibility.

We can create interactive PDF forms to be used for registering on-line, by fax or by mail. The printed form and online interactive pdf form are identical. This allows people who have been exposed to one version to utilize the other without any confusion due to difference in approach and content.

Dynamic HTML forms are used when there is no printed form, or when the event’s circumstances require more flexibility. Our designers can create dynamic forms to accomidate large groups on a single form, demographics that vary based on registration types, or any other special requirements.

Sample Registration Forms CONDOR Registration Services will work with your event's staff to design the most attractive and legible badges and tickets possible. We can print full color badge headers using your event’s logo and matching tickets that will make your event stand out. CONDOR has designed badges and tickets for many organizations and we are constantly receiving compliments on how great they look.

The Event Coordinator will work with your staff in designing the registration area’s layout. We can provide detailed diagrams showing equipment and personnel positioning. CONDOR will work with your staff to assure that the layout provides effective management of attendee traffic.

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Pre-Event Coordination
CONDOR Registration Services

We offer a wide variety of pre-event services including: form design, name badge design, convenient registration, and up to date registration reports.