On-Site Registration Equipment

CONDOR uses proven computer technology and custom registration software for onsite registration. This allows CONDOR Registration Services to provide a reliable system that can be easily scaled to meet the requirements of a given event.

All of our computers are networked using either a secure wireless network or an ultra-fast cable network. This allows information to be shared between the workstations. Instead of storing all of the information on a single server each workstation keeps a fully synchronized database. This database encrypts all financial information. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure the remaining workstations can continue the registration process without interruption. Our system is so effective that CONDOR Registration Services can continue registering attendees even during power outages.

Onsite registrants receive the same high quality name badges as those who preregistered. CONDOR brings portable laser printers to ensure the quality and legibility of your event’s name badges.

We are also aware that even the most reliable equipment can fail and for that reason we always bring back-up computers and printers so that your event’s registration doesn’t stop for any reason.

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On-Site Equipment
CONDOR Registration Services

Our staff will make registering a pleasure and allow your attendees to register with a smile.