Whether you need a simple event survey form or a complicated multi-session evaluation process, CONDOR has the experience to make it work. Our staff can create a customized evaluation process to fit your needs.

Evaluation forms can be designed any way that your event requires. Paper forms, electronic forms, or a combination of both will allow your attendees to provide the feedback that your event needs. Our designers can create the survey or evaluation forms for you, or they can create interactive forms based on the forms you provide.

Once the data is collected CONDOR can generate professional certificates that can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to your attendees. Let CONDOR process your next event’s surveys and evaluations.

Sample Final Reports
Surveys and Evaluations:
  • Flexible Forms
    • Matching Paper & Electronic Forms
    • Ask the Questions You Want
    • Formatted to Your Specifications
  • Comprehensive Reports
    • Complete Listing of all Attendee Responses
    • Useful Graphs
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Post-Event Evaluations
CONDOR Registration Services

After the event is over we will send you a detailed final registration report.