CONDOR Registration Services provides services that will assure your exhibitors receive optimum benefits when exhibiting at your event. Exhibitor registration is handled in the same courteous and efficient manner as attendee registration, but exhibitors will be provided a separate registration station on-site to speed both their registration as well as attendee registration. We also offer a lead management system designed to help your exhibitors gather more attendee information quickly and accurately.

Sample Name Badges Exhibitors and Sponsors are important to most events. Without their support many events would not take place. For this reason CONDOR treats your Exhibitors and Sponsors with the respect they deserve. Our staff can set up a separate registration process for your exhibitors. This process can consist of separate forms, badges, or special correspondence.

Exhibitor Services:
  • Fast and Courteous Registration
  • Great looking, highly legible Name Badges
  • Laser Leads, Lead Management System
    • Latest Bar Code Technology
    • Fast Data Collection
    • Accurate Attendee Information
    • Full Demographics
    • Mailing Labels
    • Attendee Database
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Your Exhibitors
CONDOR Registration Services

Complete Exhibitor Services that keep your exhibitors happy.

Our Laser Leads system allows exhibitors to focus on customers.