CONDOR is always pleased to assist our clients in any way we can. Through the years we have provided an ever increasing number of services to help each event be more successful and to make it easier for our clients. In many cases the services were done at the request of the client. Other times, we saw the need and offered a solution. All of these services fit well within the scope of the processes and format of the registration operation. Many make use of the fact that we have captured data for each attendee. Others capitalize on the fact that payments are being processed as part of the registration process. Many are done at no cost to the client.

The following are a few of the Special Extras that we can provide.

On-line Session and Event Evaluations
CONDOR provides on-line session evaluations for conferences. The participant simply enters their badge number (reg ID) and selects the session they want to evaluate. The form shows their name and any other required information automatically. The participant then fills out the form and submits. The evaluation data is captured by CONDOR’s system and stored in a database. The data is used to award CEU’s and to produce an analysis of the responses for the organization producing the event.

Session Attendance Monitoring
CONDOR assists in monitoring who actually attended a given session and compiling this information to be used in awarding credits for sessions attended. Many of the organizations that authorize the awarding of CEU’s and other type of credits require evidence verifying the attendance. CONDOR has used a variety of techniques to capture this information. Our techniques include: scanning badges with barcodes, using lists for signing in at the sessions, and individualized tickets with barcodes that are collected at the end of each session.

CEU Processing and Reporting
The data captured by the session attendance monitoring and/or session evaluations can be used to compute CEU credits and produce reports for the organization that is authorizing the credits. CONDOR provides the data captured and required reports to the producers of the event and to the organization authorizing the CEU’s.

Email Blasts and Direct Mail
Sending emails to a selected list of people has become an effective way to promote an event and to keep people informed about the event. CONDOR has several ways to perform email blasts that make it easier for the recipient to register. The emails can include an Invitation Number (Member Number, ID Number) and a link that takes the recipient of the email directly to the registration form. The Invitation Number can be used by CONDOR’s system to pre-populate the form with the person’s information (name, address, etc.). Then he or she can simply make the selections desired, enter payment information, and submit the form. The use of Invitation Numbers can be extended to direct mail promotion. An Invitation Number can be added to the database to be used for a direct mail campaign. The Invitation Number is printed on each mail piece and used to pre-populate the registration form when the recipient starts to register on-line.

Accounting for Auctions
Auctions have become an important part of many events as a fund raising method. CONDOR has assisted organizations for several years with both live and silent auctions. The collecting of the money and providing a complete accounting can be a demanding task. The people who participate in the auctions want to pay immediately after the auction. So the lists of items people have purchased must be processed very quickly, and the payments processed. CONDOR has built procedures and programs to allow us to perform the accounting very rapidly.

CONDOR prints certificates of attendance and other types of certificates for event registrants. Certificates of attendance can be printed before the event for people that have pre-registered and on-site for those registering on-site. Typically some, or all, of the certificate is preprinted with graphics, signatures, etc. The certificate is then personalize by adding the recipients name and other personal information.

Mailing List Management
Often organizations producing events have accumulated lists of past attendees. Also they accumulate list of potential attendees from a variety of other sources. CONDOR’s registrant lists from their previous events are often a part of the accumulation. Merging these lists can be a substantial task. CONDOR has developed a set of tools to automate this process. The system merges the lists and purges duplicates. The addresses in the merged list are checked with DPV (delivery point verification) software to determine if the U.S. Postal Service considers mail to the addresses deliverable. The combined lists can be used for direct mail and for email blasts.

Providing Registration Information to Hotel Reservation Systems
When someone registers to attend an event on-line, they often want to (and the event organizer wants them to) proceed directly to the hotel reservation process. CONDOR can transmit a portion of the event registration information to a hotel registration system or service. This allows that system to pre-populate the reservation form and make that portion of the process easier.

Attendee Lists
For certain types of events, it is common to provide the attendees at the conference with a list of all attendees as part of their registration package. The lists contain some, or all, of the attendee’s contact information obtained in the registration process. The lists are typically done in a two column format. For the sake of completeness, the lists must be produced as close to the start of the conference as possible. CONDOR can produce these lists in a few minutes and format them as required by the event organizer. Addendums can also be produced at any time during the event.

Producing tickets of a variety of activities at an event can be a formidable task. CONDOR’s staff has years of experience designing and producing tickets for a wide variety of activities. The tickets normally include full color graphics, the name of the activity, the location of the activity, and the time interval of the activity. The graphics usually contain organization and/or event logos.

Collecting Tickets
CONDOR’s staff will help collect tickets for those activities where tickets are required. We fill it is important to collect the tickets that have been issued and/or purchased. We are happy to help with this process.

Table Tents for Dinners and Speakers/Panel Members
Since the registration database contains the names and contact information for each registrant, it can be used to assist in making seating assignments for special meals and banquets. CONDOR can provide tools to assist meeting planners in making the seating assignments. We can then print seating charts and table tents for each person attending the meal. The same data can be used to print table tents for speakers participating in panel or roundtable discussions.

Printing Documents on Request
Computers and printers are part of the equipment for on-site registration, and they can be used to print last minute documents or signs that are often needed. CONDOR is also happy to help speakers or staff members who need documents printed. While producing a large number of documents is not possible, printing a single document is often helpful service we are happy to provide.

Selling Items On-Site
Often at events, the organization producing the event has items they wish to sell such as books, tee shirts, pictures, memorabilia, etc. If your event does not want to set up a store operation to sell these items, process the payments, and account for the sales. CONDOR’s staff can assist in this type of activity without interfering with the registration process and at no additional cost.

The Service You Need
If you have a service that fits into the registration process that we have not mentioned, remember that we want to help. Please ask. It may be something that we can do and make your job a lot easier.

Another Important Extra
CONDOR’s staff is there to help. On-site we will be there early and leave late. In between, we will assume any responsibility that you feel appropriate to relieve you to perform other important functions.

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