Everyone who exhibits is keenly aware of the need to follow up as soon as possible after the event. That is why CONDOR Registration Services offers our Laser Leads System. This lead management system incorporates the latest bar code technology, which makes it easy to capture attendee information at your exhibitor’s booth during the event and to utilize the information afterwards.

We print a special two-dimensional bar code on every badge at the event. This bar code includes all the registration information about the attendee including attendee name, company name, address, phone number, and demographics. When the badge is scanned, all of this information is captured into CONDOR Registration Service's Laser Leads System, which can then have action items and qualification information added.

Each exhibitor who rents a Laser Leads System will leave the event with a set of mailing labels, one for each attendee scanned. They will also be provided with a disk containing all the scanned information that is formatted for all popular spreadsheet and database management systems. We are sure that this lead management option can meet your exhibitor's needs and help you to have a more successful event.

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