Sample Name Badges On-site registration is as important as pre-registration to an event's success. CONDOR Registration Services focuses on speed, efficiency, accuracy, and customer service to keep the lines short and the attendees happy. We work hard to ensure that no attendee will be required to wait more than fifteen minutes to register. In most cases the wait will be five minutes or less.

CONDOR Registration Services will make sure that the Registration Desk opens on time and is staffed with helpful and friendly personnel. We will provide registration management responsible for the registration operations and training any temporary personnel. Our experienced staff will work with your organization to provide optimum use of temporary personnel minimizing your labor cost. Combine this with our customized registration software and efficient registration process and your attendees will be able to register with a smile.

Whether an attendee pre-registers or registers on-site they will be treated with the same professional and courteous manner. CONDOR Registration Services can process payments and produce all required registration materials on-site. All materials such as Name Badges and Tickets printed on-site will be printed with laser printers to produce the same high quality material the pre-registered attendees receive without slowing down the registration process.

On-Site Services
  • Professional Management of Registration Operations
  • Fast and Courteous Registration for All Attendees
  • Payment Processing:
    • Credit Card
    • Check
    • Cash
  • Great looking, highly legible Name Badges
  • Hourly Reporting of Attendance
  • Lead Management systems to help Exhibitors
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On-Site Services
CONDOR Registration Services

Our staff will make registering a pleasure and allow your attendees to register with a smile.