Just because the event is over doesn't mean CONDOR Registration Services is done. We will provide you with a complete database of the registration information, a full set of Post-Event Reports, and the final accounting for your event. CONDOR Registration Services will make sure the numbers make sense. We will do this by making our reports and databases clear, concise, and as informative as possible.

Sample Final Reports You will receive a complete registration database within ten working days after your event. This database will be provided in any format, or formats, that your organization requires. You can then export the registration data to a spreadsheet, database, or any other program of your choice. You will know who came to the event, what they participated in, where they came from, and other related demographics.

Your Post-Event Reports will include lists of attendees, exhibitors, and companies with contact information as well as any demographic information your registration form provided. The reports will also contain useful graphs that can easily be integrated into any presentations you might need to make.

Along with the registration database and Post-Event Reports you will be provided with the final accounting for your show. This information will be a final accounting of all attendee and exhibitor registrations showing what they registered for and how much was paid.

Post-Event Services:
  • Complete Registration Database
    • All Attendee Data
    • All Demographic Information
    • Full List of Exhibitors
    • Formatted to Your Specifications
  • Comprehensive Reports
    • Complete Listing of Attendees & Exhibitors
    • Companies
    • Demographics
    • Informative Graphs
    • Custom Reports
  • Final Accounting
    • Pre-Registration
    • On-Site Registration
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Post-Event Services
CONDOR Registration Services

After the event is over we will send you a detailed final registration report.