Pre-Event registrations can be accepted online, by mail, or by fax. our staff will provide customer support for the registration process over the phone and through email.

Online registration forms are formatted to include the event’s logos and other graphics to reflect the graphics used in promoting the event. Except for the notification that the site is secure, it will appear as an extension of the event’s web site.

Sample Registration Forms The online registration will capture all the contact information, demographics, and allow selection of all registration options available to the registrant. This will include all options provided on paper and downloadable forms. The online registration will be formatted so that the registrant will not have to duplicate any information during the registration process. The registrant will be presented with the cost of the options selected. Once all activities he or she wishes to select are completed, the grand total is presented and the payment options will be presented. The registrant will automatically receive an acknowledgement of the registration by email. Once the payment has been processed, a confirmation will be sent to the registrant.

An 800 number will be provided for Registrants to use for faxing registration forms to our offices from within the U.S.A, and regular fax line is available for faxes from outside the U.S.A. CONDOR also provides a post office box for receiving mailed forms. For registrations received by fax or mail, registration data will be entered and payment processed by our staff.

CONDOR will email to all exhibiting companies a confirmation showing names of registered personnel. Those exhibitors who have not registered booth workers will be emailed a request for names. This reminder greatly reduces the amount of on-site registration of exhibitors.

CONDOR will promptly process all payments received for advanced registration, but first the registrations will be checked against the current database to assure that they do not duplicate previously received registrations. If there are problems with registration payments, our staff will contact the attendee.

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Pre-Event Registration
CONDOR Registration Services

We offer a wide variety of pre-event services including: form design, name badge design, convenient registration, and up to date registration reports.