Within ten working days after the Event CONDOR will provide the event staff with a complete copy of all registration information in a format, or formats, specified by the event staff. CONDOR will provide final versions of all reports showing the Event totals and an analysis of the Registrants’ demographic data.

Your Event's final reports will include all attendee and exhibitor contact information, a list of companies who sent staff to the event, and detailed charts that you can use in your presentations. Our staff strives to provide the most detailed reports possible, and if you need something special in your final reports we will be glad to include it.

CONDOR Registration Services will keep your event’s attendee information confidential. Our staff will not disclose attendee information including statistical information derived from the data collection process. You can feel safe that CONDOR will not sale your attendee or mailing lists because all event data is the sole property of the event.
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Post Event Reporting
CONDOR Registration Services

After the event is over we will send you a detailed final registration report.