Staffing and Hours of Operation
CONDOR will provide management for on-site registration operations. This includes interfacing with the Coalition personnel. Our staff will train and supervise any temporary staff, and assist in any other way required.

CONDOR’s staff will arrive at the registration area one hour before the scheduled time to open registration. This will assure that all equipment and materials are in place and operational to begin registration. CONDOR will conduct registration operations from fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time until the scheduled time for registration to end.

CONDOR will work with your event staff to assure that all the registration personnel are briefed on all on-site registration activities and procedures.

Something Extra
Here at CONDOR Registration Services we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the requirements. While onsite our staff is at your disposal. You won’t hear us say “That’s not our job.” Onsite our job is to run the registration and whatever else you need us to do.

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On-Site Staffing
CONDOR Registration Services

Our staff will make registering a pleasure and allow your attendees to register with a smile.